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Our Company History

In 1960 our founder, Richard Downs, began his career in the food equipment business. He began working for Hobart Food Equipment initially in service. This is where he learned the trade of repairing mixers ,slicers, small engine repair and basic diagnostics of commercial food equipment. After two years in sales with Hobart, he decided to venture on his own and began servicing equipment out of his garage in 1975. This was a very scary endeavor for Richard the father of three small children at the time, but he persevered. He knocked on many doors and shook many hands with a personal promise of quality workmanship and  integrity. By 1980 this business grew to a million dollar corporation supporting many families in the community with the same hand shake guaranteeing integrity and quality.

 We promise to bring this small town consideration to your company
each and every time.

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